Mother dies on her cross (bacillus infection) in her 33rd year for no sin of hers.

Writes poem on my mother and gets prize. Joins Union Christian College, on being awarded a scholarship for being the applicant with the highest marks in SSLC.

Escape from being crushed to death on the road by the speeding car of Sir CP Ramaswamy Iyer, Diwan of Travancore.

Encounter with Dr JB Rajam SJ at SN College, Kollam, who invited me to join for post-graduation (in physics) cum teaching in St. Joseph's College, Trichy.

I take a beggar on the street in Chennai (then Madras) to the hospital and he dies on the way in my lap.

Confronts a naked vagabond in Alwar, Rajasthan, and gives him my shirt to cover up.

Survives attack of Typhoid in Mumbai (then Bombay) on being admitted to Masina Hospital, Byculla.

Marries Leela

Works for the International Commission on Indo-China in Saigon and has a taste of a bloody war as an observer. Leela is with me most of the time on special permission. Visits Hanoi and has the first taste of communism in practice.

Our first child (Francis) is born in Karachi. He is the youngest Indian internee prisoner in the War of 1965. There are moments when survival is in doubt. Leela and Winny are repatriated to India.

Leela returns. Our second child, a daughter (Anna), is born in a Rawalpindi Hospital.

Our third child (Jerry George) is born in serendipitous circumstances.