My Beliefs

I believe that religion and spirituality have a role in helping humans to lead a meaningful life. In this context, I will define religion as the journey that each individual undertakes to uncover the truth and discover meaning in life and nature. Spirituality is ultimately the sense of oneness that we feel for each other and the way we relate ourselves to the other and the world. This is why I believe there is truth in every religion. In other words, what is important is not the accident of being born in a religion but what is made out of that accident. To put it bluntly, the goodness of the human being is of far greater significance than his religious label. Religious tolerance is, therefore, to be treated as the cardinal virtue of human beings and human institutions. It is absurd to quarrel in the name of God; because all human beings are children of God or part of the Godhead. Since God’s being is of a higher order, human beings will ever remain incapable of comprehending God (Ultimate Reality). It is therefore foolish on the part of humans to quarrel in God’s name.