My Story

I was born on a misty morning in the temple town of Aluva on the fifth day of the month of March in 1930. As of this writing I am nearer the end of my journey than I ever was (a truism) and I remain a vagabond, a doubting Thomas, on the road of time. To me, the most fascinating attribute of life is its mystery. This sense has shaped my thinking and helped me steer clear of fundamentalist beliefs that wreak havoc to society . It has also fostered in me the spirit of tolerance of ideas and beliefs, that I hold neither true nor valid. The sense has nurtured in me an ability to empathize with all my sisters and brothers living in great diversity, on our planet. My father taught me to respect all religions and my mother taught me to shun violence. The people I grew with in Udayamperoor, taught me to treat all things living with compassion.

Excerpts from books gospel of guru sreenarayana, viswavidya

FAO office for Northern Iraq - The Finance Team

FAO office for Northern Iraq - The Personnel Administration Team

Abdul Kalam with K.P. Joseph