It is easy to see that the opposition to globalization by CPM is only a replication of their past blunders. Had not CPM opposed even the introduction of auto rickshaw in the past ? Had they not opposed mechanization of agriculture, modernization of manufacture of coir and coir products , cashew industry , traditional weaving , handicrafts etc etc? Are they not responsible for the ruin of agriculture in Kerala and the migration of coir and cashew nut activities to neighboring states. But for the opposition to computerization by the CPM, Kerala would also have been home to silicon valley type development like Karanataka (Bangalore) or Andhra Pradesh (Hyderabad). The opposition to globalization and liberalization of the economy is made by CPM in the name of their opposition to US imperialism forgetting that it is the US which will lose out finally in globalization. After globalization, jobs are moving to India and not from India to US.. In fact, if India and China with the support of other developing country members in the WTO, are able finally to end agricultural subsidies in US and Eaurope , unheard of wealth will flow from rich to poorer countries. For, in that case, India and China will be supplying food to US and Europe . Traditional occupations will not perish but only will flourish if we take true advantage of globalization.

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