In the recent Kerala Mela held in Washington DC to celebrate 50 years of formation of Kerala , hundreds of handicraft items from Kerala , were sold to American visitors. Vinson Palathingal organizer told me that there is a burgeoning market for Kerala (and Indian) handicraft items in the USA . We know that already there are pockets of handicraft manufacturing communities in Gujarat and UP who have been able to export products in organized manner to US and Europe and become prosperous. Tagging on to opportunities of globalization smartly and trying to satisfy the hunger for natural and organic products in developed countries, Kerala can reap great economic benefits from globalized trade . Providing health care at reasonable cost to denizens of richer countries, herbal exports, etc offer avenues of wealth creation (All these , however , need top level marketing and not hoarse sloganeering , mass rallies and police station assaults) We ourselves had experience of the hollowness of the fears of globalization in recent past .While the tariff barrier was reduced , the threat for Keralas cash crops did not come from the US nor Europe but from fellow Asian countries like Vietnam , Srilanka , Indonesia etc. But the initial decline in prices ended soon and the agricultural product rebounded to old high prices. The opening up of trade also made our cash croppers to modernize and upgrade cropping technique to reduce costs .We must ask the question , why should not the Keralites produce cash crops at competitive costs viz a viz the Vietnamese and the Srilankans?.

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