Our Youngest Son Born – Jerry Kalarickal

While in Kochi we had our youngest son born to us in Medical Trust Hospital. Our youngest son’s name is Jerry Kalarickal and he was interested in cricket. We encouraged him in his fascination for cricket although I had no fascination for cricket or any other games. In any case he became a good speaker even as a young boy although he could speak only about cricket. We realized his ability; he was a shy person but when on a platform he became almost another person, a highly talented speaker. My wife used to go through the papers and applied herself for scholarship for Jerry Kalarickal.

One day we received an invitation for Jerry to appear for an interview. Jerry appeared for the interview. He was 17 then, a teenager. The interviewer asked Jerry that Cochin Shipyard was running at a loss and his father was working for a loss-making company. Jerry replied that it is true that it is loss-making now but my father believed that it was on a J curve. As in the letter J the loss-making is temporary, soon it will start making profit. The answer pleased the interviewer and he was selected for the scholarship for studying in Canada. Soon we had to send Jerry to Canada.

Many candidates who appeared for the interview were from very good schools all over India and Jerry being selected amongst them was a great surprise for the people who came from Mussoori, Nilgiri, etc. Jerry landed in Canada. At that time a large number of North Indians had migrated to Canada. Fortunately my younger brother Fabian was at that time appointed as the Indian High-Commissioner in Toronto, Canada. Jerry felt so lonely and away from home and used to cry why he had come to Canada. But soon he had friends, the best students selected similarly like Jerry from all countries of the world. In other words his companions were sons and daughters of Prime Ministers from Sri Lanka, Nepal, Hong Kong and many states in the US itself.

Jerry was 25 and we thought of getting him married. Many prominent Christian families were eager to marry their daughters to Jerry. When we approached Jerry with these proposals, he surprised us with the news that he liked an Indian-American girl very much and he could be permitted to marry her.

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