P. J. Joseph

I shall mention another instance of prejudice. My classmate in Thrichnopoly, P. J. Joseph was very fair who later settled in Toronto, Canada. In Delhi no one believed me he is a Madrasi and therefore from Kerala. They also would not believe my wife Leela and my brother were also from Kerala. They assumed that such fair people would not be Madrasis. While Madrasis had a reputation for being dark in colour, they had also a reputation for being honest. In houses being sublet they would give it to a Madrasi rather than a North Indian family. Before I got married I used to live in Karol Bagh and Lodi Colony. I used to live in houses subletting one room from their three-room flat which were readily given to me, because I was a Christian and who was from South India. Although Christians were less than 3% of the Indian population, at that time, more than 30% of the good hospitals were run by Christians. Even today this is true.

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