POEM: Atom Bomb

Atom Bomb

In the hollow of our yawn
Is the CAULIFLOWER grown
Already Swollen
We are with its grain and pollen
Shall we grow again scales
On our body and tail
Web on our toes
And nails that claw in our mouth
The tiara of death
Shimmers on the Sunset Strip
The rain wets our paw
And the wind pulls our teeth apart
In the distance is the drum beat of the ape
She sheds her leaf and sing without shame
Sings her song in her nude and hairy hide.

Who sowed the evil seed?
Cain bored with the golden gourd?
Siva with his head above the Cloud
Or the God who went to war to save the cows?

You possessed us whole
Our dreams
And our gurgling streams
You possessed our laughter
And even our best daughters
In whole sale deeds
You bought over our gods
Over our trusting heads
But you possessed not our songs

In the latest explosion
Did the backward journey begun
And the dinosaur still alive snoring
In the blood beneath the lily land of the skin
Is aroused.

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