• I do not believe that humans can ever establish a paradise / a perfect society / a Utopia on Earth. Beliefs in Utopia have led to establishment of totalitarian societies and the founding of hell (and not a heaven) on Earth, in the past.
  • Often the road to perdition is paved with good intentions.
  • Freedom and tolerance are values that should never be shortchanged for daydreams of establishment of a blemish less ideal social order.
  • Value orientation of individual lives and institutional lives are key imperatives For building a better world.
  • There is truth in every religion. No religion or philosophy or political ideology can claim that it has the monopoly of truth and goodness and beauty.
  • Christianity has contributed much to establishment of a better social order, but it has to shed its superior stance among religions.
  • Hinduism is based on tolerance, but today it imitates the revealed religions in becoming intolerant and fundamentalist. Islam has to undergo a sea change to rule out violence and practice tolerance in a plural world.
  • Other religions do swim with the current and do not threaten the formation of a plural and peaceful society