This is a book based upon the International best seller The Black Book of Communism. 12.5 crores of people were killed or annihilated by Marxism in Russia and other parts of the world. This means almost three times the population of Kerala was annihilated by Marxism. Karl Marx’s idea was to liberate the exploited and lead them to a paradise on earth.

I had the good fortune to go to London and visit the library there where Karl Marx completed his famous book on Marxism. Stalin was a seminarian in Russia but when he became the dictator of Russia he created a hell for Russians. Anyone who was suspected of the slightest opposition to Stalin was either straight away killed by his agents or sent to Siberia to fight the Interpol. I have written about a lady who was a poet and she was put in a jail because Stalin got the report that she did not support him but the urge to write poems was so strong in her that she wrote her poems on soap and after each line she washed the soap to write the next line on it. In fact she delivered each line of her poem like a mother delivering her own child. Stalin promoted slave labour. In fact most of the big projects like diverting the rivers to create dams for helping the potato farmers and the wheat farmers were executed through slave labour. Stalin had no consideration for women who were also put inside jail and when rioted, his agents mercilessly killed them. Yet he cared for his own daughter who finally escaped to USA and wrote books on him.

Maxim Gorky was a great writer but he could not write freely in Stalin’s Russia. Stalin did not want to share power with anyone. Bread, eggs and meat were luxuries in the paradise for the labour class. It seems Hitler loved Stalin because both of them built hell incorporated for the poor. Mayakovsky was a great poet and I was influenced by Mayakovsky in my younger days. In Russia anyone suspected of opposition would be arrested in his apartment. I have written about Dimitri waiting for the knock on the door at half past four. Dimitri.s dad had laid his life in the Anti-Nazi strife. When Dimitri was deported, he said that he will miss his wife Tania, whom he loved so much. He says he will be taken to the ice cemetery. Please read my book of poems Notes on the Era published by Avanti Publications, Kottayam and Ernakulum.

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