Publishers, Malayattur & New Delhi 2003

KP Josephs creative methodology makes a special appeal and finds a special rue s Krishna Iyer This book is a God sent message and gift to India ,especially to Kerala , in this critical juncture of our history Swami Sachidananda Bharathi the Gospel is one of the best pieces that I have read on the Guru . Its approach is original and unique, style inimitable and enjoyable and contents inspiring. Mr. Joseph has been able to assimilate the true spirit of Gurus teachings and present it in a convincing and appealing manner .He deserves congratulations and praise for his remarkable endeavour . TN Jayachandran, Former Vice Chancellor An ineffable stillness seemed to have descended on the body of the Shepherd of Jesus, the stillness of death , the stillness of a pause in his spiritual pilgrimage, stillness of a new beginning, the stillness of a moment tied up with eternity, with eternal life , the stillness within the heart of a still revolving planet sending off one of its illustrious occupants home towards the wondrous but unexplored and mystifying abode and ineffable presence of God. The encounters of the Guru with Krishna ,Jesus, Mohammed, Sree Sankara and Yanjavalkya are a real tribute to the imagination of the author and makes exciting , if not mesmerizing reading . Mr KP Joseph has rendered full justice to his subject and can be justifiably proud of of his achievement . TN Jayachandran.


Treat pleasure and pain , gain and loss ,victory and defeat ,prosperity and adversity ,heat and cold ,rain and sunshine , day and night and all dwandas alike. The manifested world is a network of dwandas , an endless parade of the opposites. Solve one pair another pair is born with a shrill or a silent shriek.

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