HORMIS, Biography – DC Books 2005

Hormis was , to loan the words of Tagore on Nehru: A person who is greater than his deeds and truer than his surroundings.In building up the Federal Bank as a peoples bank , he is one of the builders of modern Kerala and India. However what makes KP Hormis very different from other great bankers and builders of India was his adherence to moral vales in business and daily life.There is no other person in the history of business, who built up such a thriving organization with a large compliment of physical and liquid assets ,finally leaving the organization , in his time , without making money for himself or his family.The story of Hormis , is therefore a great and rare parable of human enterprise rooted in truth and service to the people and the country .This dimension of the life of KP Hormis is of prime importance in our era of erosion of moral values.

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