China Opts for Globalisation

China shed Marxism and opted for globalisation, realising full well that it is the only road to be taken to atone for the blunders of the great leap forward and cultural revolution that impoverished the country. Vietnam followed meekly the Chinese example. The Indian Marxists have not yet been able to explain to the people the contradiction in their opposition to globalisation and their support for China with its total commitment to globalisation. Globalisation has, like all socio-political processes in history, positive and negative traits. But unlike in Soviet Marxism and Chinese Maoism, the good part is more than the bad parts. When the occurrence of good follows the bad in any process, such transformation is said to have the J curve effect. We all know that the English letter J is written by the line going down first (the bad part) before it goes up (the good part). The CPM are past masters in taking advantage of the first bad interval to oppose every progressive measure which will do good in the long run.

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