Globalisation — Friend of the Masses

Globalisation is the friend of the consuming masses. Under it, the poor and the disadvantaged get a variety of products at the lowest prices. The cheap Chinese goods available in India after opening up trade have made the homesteads of many a poor in Kerala bright with glittering toys and artefacts which were earlier available only to the richer folks because of their higher prices. There is no doubt that the tariff barriers should be lowered in a gradual manner so that workers are not displaced abruptly. Simultaneously, pressure should be built up for the big powers to follow fully the principles they preach to others in regard to free trade. The removal of agricultural subsidy in the US and European countries is the biggest roadblock to freer trade, which is still to be tackled. Instead of running down globalisation, the CPM should call for smarter globalisation that helps the poor. In fact, if they care for the farmers, the CPM should go before the US Embassy for the removal of agricultural subsidies in the US.

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