Gospel of Guru Sree Narayana

Gospel of Guru Sree Narayana was written inspired by my father who taught me to respect not only the Christian religion but all religions because God is only one and the same for all human beings. In fact the book incorporates the Big Bang theory which holds that there was a super gravity sphere 15 billion years ago. This super gravity sphere burst and created the Universe. This means that the whole universe belongs to one sphere and that the solar system and planets around the solar system including our own dear mother earth is part of it. This further means that human beings are sisters and brothers and wherever there are beings in the universe, they also are our own brothers and sisters. This is Advaita in its purest sense or the “Umminivaliya onnu” of Basheer. If this non-duality is accepted there is no reason for the conflicts and violence which is destroying the world today. In Advaita, all are part of God, exist in God, time and space required for existence are also attributes of God.

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