A Letter to the 21st Century

It is rather exciting to address these words to you as we force our way to your portals TEN Years away.

Millenniums ago, Pandora opened a box. We are still sorting out the problems the box released. For five thousand years we had what we call civilization. For the last five hundred years we had science and technology. Now we have the knowledge explosion.

Let us have a brief aerial view of the road we travelled. We built the GREAT WALL, PYRAMIDS, THE SHINTO SHRINES, THE PARTHENON, MOHANJODARO AND HARRAPA TOWNS. We had a guy called SOCRATES, who drank hemlock in Athens. Another named Jesus who was nailed to death on a cross for his great SERMON ON THE MOUNT.

During our time ,we pumped bullets down the gullet of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi in a country called India. We buried or burnt alive wives with their dead husbands, choked to death in sand or stream the female infant. The old we left to die in the cold or torn by wolves up the wooded hills.

Our revolutions ate their young. We have seen our dreams going sour like milk, our UTOPIAS collapsing like a house of cards, our blue prints of PARADISE on the Planet going groovy and pitted hard with grisly truth.

During our time we set the world on fire twice over and many times we lit little brushfire wars, putting to death the flower of our generation.

We dropped the ATOM BOMB on two lovely cities in the land of the Rising SUN, we defoliated lush country sides to blast guerrilla pads.

We set up Gas Chambers, concentration camps. We re-invented cruelty in ever new forms.

We tried to bring harmony through systems change. Yet all our encounters with happiness have been few.

For the first time in history we unleashed we unleashed affluence in part of the planet. But hunger, thirst, nakedness and homelessness still stalk the lands where live more than half of humankind.

Not that we have the means to abolish penury and hunger from the world.

But we have the virus in blood which tell us to commit our wealth to build ever more efficient tools of mutual destruction.

In places we have mounts of butter, acres of cheese, heaps of grains, but empty bellies in the Sub Saharan Africa and South Asia go hungry and die.

We had some success in the art of communication from papyrus leaves to computer network, telefax, and satellite link. This was no short walk .

We have thus shrunken the distances and built up the global village with Great interconnectivity.

It is this brave new world, this trouble ridden village we bequeath to you we pray that you will have the wisdom we missed and the substance of peace and compassion we spurned.

We pray you leave a better world for the kids born in 22nd Century.

For living and loving and growing together.

Dear friend, grant us permission to present to you a brief action plan for you to consider

During your time, you explore further space, hold Aloft labs, production centres, Star watch towers, honeymoon cottages, holiday inns in the sky.

Lend a watchful ear for the whispers of sentient broods in the nooks of time space continuum.

I can’t today find word to reflect excitement in getting in touch with human like intelligence abroad in space.

Please, during your time, stumble on the GRAND UNIFICATION THEORY that will tie diadems on the Queen’s necklace, all phenomena of physical and non physical universe, tie up the curvatures of time and space, the particle and the wave, the Big Bang and The still centre of life.

Having drilled our way to the deeper layers of mother’s womb and forced the delivery, fuel as fluid and gas and prodigal fashion using up the inheritance of a billion years to support our high flying life style. Can human kind live like prodigal son of the Bible?

Please halt this profligacy.

Squeeze energy needs from sunlight and wind and wave.

Leave the Planet unspoilt and may I say UN-RAPED.

Allow her to be born again and again as a virgin mother.

Every morning and a bashful bride every even time.

Dear friend you must strive nonstop for a greener world.

Make abundance your goal and leaver every time a saner world of leaves buds and blooms drape every inch of mother planets skin with green shoots and convert present deserts fruit giving Eden gardens trees are our friends, permit them grow, plant ten trees when cutting down one. Keep rivers clean and crisp, they are sisters on the run. The ocean is our granny, scrub her clean of the acid and oil we leak into Her.

Leave the air our other great granny dew fresh awash with oxygen we will hand you over the infant computer and electronics.

Fondle the babes, watch them grow. They have just started on artificial intelligence and do not know where that will lead them and the world. Follow the tracks but while giving man the leisure he loves, give him tasks that will enrich his life

Last but not least, is the Kurukshetra syndrome of our time. We decide Ad nauseam on how wealth is to be generated, and how between country and country, man and man it is shared. The feud had been on from the

Beginning of man’s time. Through slavery, agrarian era,early industry, and now post industry. A pity that countries of the world have not moved forward, at even space on the road of development

Some have lurched forward, some remained far back ward. Today half the world live in affluence, the other half in penury.

For a long time we divided ourselves into warring camps on how we share the wealth

Between man and man.

There were wars of attrition till we found ourselves on the brink of total destruction.

As of this writing, a miracle is on the cards , the tension built up during the years is on the vain and the camps have dropped the stained glasses through which they viewed and hated others.

The present d’tente is a humble present we offer you.

Our prayer: Continue efforts for a better dispensation of the riches of the world

Banish poverty protecting Earth mother every where.

Use science only for the enrichment of life.

Contain aggression and violence in man, in art, poetry, sports, athletics, aesthetics and intellectual games.


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