POEM: Sister


KP Joseph

You are our deadly sister

You who hug us close

As you choose

Or visit us

Unguarded any time

In rain or shine.

You can choose to meet us

As we cross

A river or a road.

Or as one of us ride in a Cadillac

To church in glory to get married

Your visits can be long

As the lashing of the monsoon rains

Or short as a lightning strike.

No one can read your mind

And foresee what you will do next.

None can edit your text.

Often you take us along

With you, in tumult or in solitude

To your mysterious big bang home

Or if crueler or kinder you are

Leave us back on Earth

With one or more scars

Twinkling dark

On our body, soul

Or on our bone

And permit us to drink

Few more cups of tea

Or eat more snacks

And gulp more

Mouthfuls of air

Being still alive on our dear

Gorgeous planet Earth


11/30/2008 7:39:59 PM

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