President K. R. Narayanan

Delhi was full of friends. K.R. Bhaskaran, my classmate from college days and younger brother of the President of India, who was taken by Jawaharlal Nehru in Foreign Service, on the advice of Prof. Harold Laski of University of Oxford, was there. We felt very much at home in Delhi.

They say that colour prejudice is more in Delhi than in the South of India. Everyone from South India is labeled as Madrasi, a member of the dark race.

A large number of Tamil labourers migrated to Delhi and used to work in houses. This confirmed to Delhites that the Madrasi was dark.

When Dr T.T. Poulose and his wife used to have their morning walks in Connought Place, they were looked upon with great interest by Delhi citizens for they did not look labourers and maid servants. Poulose went out in full suit and his wife in expensive sari. Dr Poulose had taken his Doctorate from Jawaharlal Nehru University in Economics and Politics.

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