Secular State India

It is a shame that India with 5000 years of civilization and culture has not yet solved the problem of poverty. For the western man whether he is from the Russian side or West European side, India is still a poor country where a large number of people do not have enough to eat. Children die of hunger and there are sick people for looking after whom there are no doctors in place when they are sick.

Also secularism which is the greatest gift of British rule is also threatened by the present rulers. Hinduism is a great religion of tolerance which is the reason why people from all over the world come to India to experience the tolerance.

The Parsis are a minority in India. They came to India when they were being persecuted in their motherland. When the local King or Chieftain told them that there is no space for migrants as India has enough people, the Parsis seem to have replied that we don’t need any space to live; we will melt like the sugar in a cup of tea.

The Parsis are a minority in India but their contribution to India’s progress is hundred or thousand times the size of their population. The contribution made by Tatas for industrial progress of India is thousand times the size of their population in India.

Similarly the Christians are a minority in India. They are 3% of India’s population but their contribution in humanitarian area is 1000 times of their population size. Many orphanages and charity homes are operated by the Christian nuns who have dedicated their life in the name of Jesus for service of the poor.

Very recently we read the story of gang raping of a 75-year-old nun in West Bengal and miscreants taking away the money she was keeping for buying food for the poor. You cannot think of an India without the Christian missionaries before or after partition.

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