The Drives of the Leaders

I spent a good deal of time in Rome with my brother where he was the Indian Ambassador. Shashi Tharoor was also present in Rome then as the Deputy Secretary of the UN along with Kofi Annan. Soon I got a posting in Iraq. It was the time when Saddam Hussein was the ruler of Iraq. Saddam Hussein was an educated man who believed in Islamic Socialism. He had a feeling that his enemies would kill him and therefore his food was brought from Paris. He had a weakness for beautiful ladies; he wanted them to sleep with him every day. Before he slept with a lady, he would make sure that the lady was free from venereal diseases through medical examination. As a result, people near him were very particular about hiding their wives and daughters from his sight, especially if they were beautiful.

Almost all the leaders who shaped the history were driven by a sexual passion. When Indonesian President Sukarno visited Kolkatta, Jawarlal Nehru had to make arrangements for beautiful women for sleeping with him. Mao ZeDong’s old age pranks is also quite known to everybody when beautiful women were recruited from all over China for the supreme leader to enjoy. In Rome also I came across Mussolini who sided with Hitler indulging in such pranks as long as he lived. Nepolean had also this passion and he had this indulgence as a source of his strength. Hitler of Nazi Germany was rather free from this but he had a worse anti-jewish prejudice where he enjoyed killing Jews for just to derive sadistic pleasure. The jews would be led to a common bathroom and they would fall down dead breathing in the poisonous gas.

When the Garden of Eden was created God advised Adam to not to eat the tree of knowledge. Here the knowledge refers to the taste of sex but Eve disobeyed Him. The serpant on the tree asked Eve to feed the fruit to Adam. In Hindu Puranas also, sex energy is considered as the source of all art and culture. Saraswathi is the daughter of Brahma. It is from her two breasts that art and culture are supposed to originate. India’s Kamasutra is full of techniques to derive maximum pleasure from sex. In fact Khajuraho temple in Madhya Pradesh which celebrates the sexual union in thousand forms is an example. This celebration is also seen in greater India though. The great temple carvings of Cambodia (old name Kamboja) where we had gone soon after marriage also depict this primary fact.

When Pol Pot, the communist leader, abducted power, he enjoyed power and derived pleasure from sadistic killings of whole families representing the old order. In any case taking sadistic pleasure in killing enemies and displaying their skeletons and skulls as an exhibition to advertise his power is much worse than having concubines and wanting to sleep with any beautiful women. Pol Pot is worse than Stalin or Hitler or the present North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-un. Compared to Pol Pot, Ho Chi Minh who visited Delhi many times was a saint.

As I told Cambodia was greater India to where Indians migrated for work and pleasure. In Cambodia we came across a Chettiyar from Tamil Nadu who had been taken there as a child by his father. The Chettiyar whom I met was dark in colour but he had daughters who were fair because he married to a Chinese lady. In Cambodia there was a custom that soon after a girl was married and she lived with her husband for some time, her face was disfigured so that she became unattractive and the husband would take other attractive woman as his new wife, another example of male supremacy and sadism.

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